The Best Summer Fruit Salad

Let me introduce you to a fruit salad that everyone will rave about. We call it the Triple Fruit Salad with Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing, but everyone calls it “the best summer fruit salad” because it is. Whenever we bring this to a party or dining table, it is always the first thing to disappear. People can’t resist the winning combination of pineapple, kiwi and strawberries.

Enjoy more of the freshness of the summer season with this Summer Peach Salad.

Why did you describe us?

  • Only three fruits make preparation super easy!
  • A simple and delicious sauce that lets the fruit shine.

Close-up view of a wooden spoon distributing fruit salad from a bowl.

Did anyone else grow up thinking that fruit salad just meant a bunch of different fruits mixed together in a bowl? There was never any kind of clothing, and always a lot of cantaloupe! Cantaloupe in a fruit salad makes everything else look like cantaloupe. No thank you. This is the perfect combination of our favorite summer fruits topped with a delicious lemon poppy seed sauce. Yum!

Ingredient notes

An overhead view of the ingredients needed to prepare a summer fruit salad.
  • pineapple: Use fresh of course. Test for doneness by gently pulling one of the leaves at the top. If it comes out easily, the pineapple is ripe and ready to eat.
  • Strawberry: Slice or quarter them. If they are larger, I cut them off. If they’re more normal sized, I quarter them. For those occasional small strawberries, halving is a good option.
  • kiwi: I like to cut them in half and then use a spoon to remove the flesh, or you can cut off the ends and use a knife to remove the skin.
  • Lemon: This will heighten the flavors of your fruit. It’s like the secret weapon of fruit salads.
  • sugarIf you cannot tolerate sugar, you can replace it with an equal amount of honey. The added sweetness is all about balancing the tartness and tartness of the pineapple.
  • poppy seed: Well, if you look like ants, I’ll let you leave it. But I love a good poppy seed sauce!


Depending on their ripeness, fruits contain different levels of natural sugars. When working with citrus fruits such as pineapple and strawberries, it is common to add a sweetener to provide a more balanced flavour. It’s a good idea to taste the fruit before making a salad to see if it’s on the sweeter side or on the more acidic side. Adding sugar or honey to the more acidic pineapple and a bunch of strawberries will help balance the flavor.

How do I cut pineapple?

Not sure how to cut pineapple? I do not blame you. That Pocky Fruit can be a monster. Pineapple corers sound like a great idea, but pineapples come in all sizes and have varying thicknesses of flesh, so this doesn’t always work in practice.

Place the pineapple on its side on a large cutting board. Cut off about 1/2 inch from the top and bottom (remove the large green stem at the top).

Stand the pineapple upright. Use a sharp knife to slice this unruly skin from the sides. Try to leave as much of the meat intact as possible, but remove all the bad skin.

The core of the pineapple is usually hard and inedible. Feel one end of the pineapple to see where the hardness begins. I usually use a dull butter knife to make a small indentation to outline the heart. If you are dicing pineapple, simply cut the pineapple into large chunks, leaving the hard core behind, and then cut it into cubes. If you are making rings, you will cut the slices and remove the core of each one individually.

A bowl of fruit salad with pineapple, kiwi, strawberries and poppy seed dressing.

Storage instructions

Fridge Store leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator. The fruits will start to turn, despite the lemon juice, but we’ll still be able to enjoy this as leftovers for up to three days. Make sure you don’t use overripe fruit at the time of preparation, as that will determine how long it will last.

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