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Everyone loves something sweet to sip. With a few simple steps, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to enjoy this easy blueberry lemonade. It will quickly become your go-to beverage for any occasion from backyard barbecues to summer evenings on the porch. Try it today and I promise you will love it.

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Why did you describe us?

  • It’s so easy to keep the ingredients on hand so you can prepare it every day.
  • Fresh or frozen berries will work well.

A Texas Twister Copycat glass with another glass in the background.

Don’t we all tend to rush through the day? Take a break and enjoy a refreshing glass of blueberry lemonade. It’s so easy to put together that you’ll be enjoying fresh fruit flavors in no time.

Ingredient notes

  • Water + sugar: Equal parts water and sugar are what form a simple syrup. It is the same percentage every time. If you want to reduce the amount of sugar in your lemonade, simply use less simple syrup while mixing it with the lemonade.
  • Lemon juice: Another way to add more flavor is to use Meyer lemons. Meyer lemons are my absolute favorite. They are much sweeter than regular lemons.
  • blueberry: You can use fresh or frozen berries.
A cup of raspberry lemonade with a lemon slice and straw.

Freeze for later

We love making a big batch because they freeze well so we can use them all summer long. Simply pour the concentrate into a gallon freezer bag and lay it flat in the freezer until solid. You can measure it ahead of time and mark it on the bag so you’ll know how much is in it months later. We like to freeze it in different sizes so we can have small sizes to sip on the porch and larger sizes to feed a thirst.

Thaw the lemon juice by holding the frozen bag under warm water until you can break it into small pieces with your hand. Then put the icy concentrate in a jug and add the right amount of water to your liking. This additional water should be enough to dissolve the rest. Give it a stir and serve.

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