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Fresh berries, lightly whipped cream, thick homemade pudding, and moist scones – this fruit dessert is packed with some of our favorite things. It’s an impressive dish that you can bring to your next barbecue. Warm weather and fresh berries go well together, don’t they? When you add a little homemade whipped cream and vanilla pudding, you can’t go wrong.

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Why did you describe us?

  • Optional homemade instructions for every step of the trifle to build from the ground up.
  • Tried and true and a crowd favorite for years.
  • This recipe is so simple to personalize your favorite raspberry cake.

A view of the top of a creamy berry trio with a ring of strawberries along the edge and a pile of blueberries in the middle.

Your guests will be amazed at how delicious this dessert is. It’s also very easy to assemble with a little prep work! The hardest part is being patient and letting it cool before you can eat it. It’s a relatively light dessert, so it’s perfect for a picnic or outdoor party. Perfect for potlucks and barbecues because it’s a beautiful dish that will be the star of the show. You can build from the ground up using our homemade recipes for each ingredient, or use store-bought shortcuts for quick and easy assembly.


An overhead view of the ingredients needed to prepare this creamy raspberry trifle.
  • cake: You have several options between angel food cake, sponge cake, and pound cake. Use your favorite!
  • Fresh berries: Make sure to use fresh, as frozen will turn to mush. Choose your favorite berries – blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, or strawberries. To get the popular trifle shape, arrange the fruit visually around the edge of the plate before filling in the middle.
  • White chocolate pudding & whipped cream: We’re going crazy about our homemade whipped cream and white chocolate pudding. There’s something so satisfying about knowing exactly what ingredients you’re putting in your food! However, in a pinch, you can use store-bought.

Cake options

This recipe uses Angel Food cake, which acts as a blank canvas to absorb other flavors into. Sponge cake is a more traditional option and has a slightly denser texture than the light and airy food cake, but it doesn’t have as much flavour. For a denser, more decadent dessert, pound cake is for you. Each of these cakes will hold their shape when cut into cubes. We recommend avoiding the typical yellow cake as it will fall apart.

Serving bowl options

No trifle dish at home? No problem! There is no need to go to the store and choose one. Unless you plan to become a fan of fruit truffles, there is no need to serve them in a special dish. You can easily use a deep glass bowl. Always try to use a clear bowl – admiring the different layers of your little treats is one of the best parts of making (and eating) this dish!

You can also layer the trifle into individual servings using any small glass. Mason jars, ice cream bowls, clear plastic cups, or even a low-profile drinking glass will work great.

Easy-to-make variations

This is a little berry recipe, but there are so many variations! Here are some of our favorite things to try right now:

  • Use a different flavor of candy: Strawberry, pistachio, butterscotch, banana, caramel, lemon, or cheesecake come to mind!
  • Try different fruits: Peaches, nectarines, mango, bananas, or pineapples are all great choices for trifles. The key is to use soft fruits.
  • Make chocolate truffles: Use chocolate pudding, chocolate cake or pound cake, and chocolate whipped cream. Chocolate goes great with berries.
Side view of creamy berry trifle showing layers of fruit and cream.

Progress Instructions

You can certainly prepare your dessert the day before you plan to serve it. In fact, some chefs swear by making this dessert in advance! It gives the flavors plenty of time to come together for more delicious results. We recommend serving you anywhere from 2 to 24 hours after you set it up. Stop adding the topping of whipped cream and berries until right before eating for best results.

Storage instructions

Fridge Remove any leftovers by wrapping the serving bowl tightly in plastic wrap before placing it in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

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